Uzlina Bridge Cup  will be one of the the main events of the year in South-logo-uzlinaEastern Europe mind sports games, because of attractive prizes and astonishing venue.
Challenge yourself with top-quality bridge and enjoy the unique charm of Danube Delta.

This first edition of Playing Bridge in Delta is the beginning of a beautiful friendship among players from all over the world: competing during the tournament and partying from dusk till dawn, everyone will enjoy a perfect weekend on a magnificent island, located in Uzlina, right in the heart of the (Danube) delta.

So, we’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse: fill in the registration form, book your cozy room at best prices, select the preferred travel option and … don’t forget to bring: partner, family and of course, good humor.

Cormoran Resort Uzlina
“ATU” Bridge Club Bucharest
under Romanian Bridge Federation auspices.

Tournament Manager:
Florin FILIP
Tournament Director:



Welcome to Danube Delta!

After passing through several countries and absorbing countless lesser waterways, the Danube empties into the Black Sea.

At Tulcea, the river splits into three separate channels – “arms”: Chilia (in north), Sulina (in the middle) and Sfântu Gheorghe (in south), creating a constantly evolving 4187-sq-km wetland of marshes, floating reed islets and sandbars.

The region provides sanctuary for 300 species of bird and 160 species of fish. Reed marshes cover 1563 sq km, constituting one of the largest single expanses of reed beds in the world. The delta is a haven for wildlife lovers, birdwatchers, fishers and anyone wanting to get away from it all for a few days. 

The Danube Delta (Delta Dunării), included on Unesco’s World Heritage list, is one of Romania’s leading attractions.


Uzlina Village, Murighiol, Tulcea County

Uzlina-Murighiol is a village located in the heart of Danube Delta, between the arms Sf. Gheorghe and Sulina, at 38 km from Tulcea, the main city at the gates of Danube Delta.

Access the roadmap of Romania to locate Tulcea and choose your best route to get there.

Cormoran Resort – Comfort and Tradition in Danube Delta
offering to the tourists accommodation in the Danube Delta and, even more, the possibility to discover and enjoy the wonders of nature, the local traditions and regaining national affiliation.
Touristic complex composed of 3* Hotel,
4* Villas and 3* Boarding-House, restaurants, bars, conference halls, 2 swimming-pools, motor and rowing boats, fitness, billiards, table-tennis, sport grounds, horseback riding center, bicycle rent.
Find details on http://www.cormoran.ro/en


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Schedule & Prizes

MINI MITCHELLlogo-uzlina
rounds of 10 pre-dealt boards each
7 round of qualification
Last 3 rounds – finals played on divisions
20 pairs per division
(4 divisions up to 6 divisions for more than 80 pairs)

Entry Fees:
90 euro (400 lei)/pair (pairs of 3 players allowed)
+ 4 euro (20 lei)/pair for Romanian Juniors’ Fund
* 50% discount for Under 26 players 

Registration available online – see Registration section of the website.

Guaranteed Prizes:
Division A
            1st  –  2000 euro (9000 lei) + TROPHIES
            2nd – 1200 euro (5400 lei) + TROPHIES
            3rd –    700 euro (3100 lei) + TROPHIES
            4th –    600 euro (2700 lei)
            5th –    500 euro (2200 lei)
            6th –    400 euro (1800 lei)

* in Division A will be awarded 10% from the total no. of pairs in tournament Continue reading “Schedule & Prizes”


Book your room now by:
calling 0040 745 145 666
e-mailing at  playbridgeindelta@gmail.com

Cormoran Resort, Murighiol – Uzlina Village, Danube Delta, Romania

Special rates for bridge players and their friends:

HOTEL 3 *** & VILLAS 4 ****
100 euro (470 lei)/ person in Double room
   90 euro (420 lei)/ person in Triple room
140 euro (650 lei)/ person in Single room

PENSION 3 *** – 46 places
90 euro (420 lei)/ person in Double room  SOLD-OUT
80 euro (380 lei)/ person in Triple room only 1 room available
75 euro  (320 lei)/ person in Quadruple room only 2 rooms available

All prices include:
2-nights accommodation,
2-days breakfast & dinner – buffet,
2-way boat transfer,
guarded parking,
tourism tax Continue reading “Accommodation”


Registration form only for playing in competition. logo-uzlina
(for accommodation check again the special page)




Registration List until 16.03.2018:

No. Player 1 Player 2 Date
1 FILIP Florinel MORARU Dan 20.12
3 PITULAN Mircea Gabriel MATEI Ilie Gabriel 08.01
4 FEDIUC Roxana FEDIUC Marius 08.01
5 MARINA Bogdan COLDEA Ionut 11.01
6 GHIGHECI Ovidiu BRICIU Marius 12.01
7 STIRBU Calin SERPOI Gheorghe 13.01
8 POPESCU Aneta BANU Crina 27.01
9 STEGAROIU Marina IONITA Marius 28.01
10 CERNAT Ovidiu FEBER Alexandru 28.01
11 MORARU Marius MOLDOVAN Daniel 28.01
12 PAGU Ioana PAGU Adrian 28.01
13 NUTESCU Bogdan KRISTO Robert 30.01
14 MIHAI Geta MIHAI Radu 30.01
15 POPESCU Mihai CONSTANTIN Cristian 05.02
16 DUMITRASCU Florin MAZALU Virgil 08.02
17 GAVRILIU Madalina BONTAS Bujor 08.02
18 DUMITRANA Mihai BALITA Gabriel 08.02
19 SANDOR Balint DAVID Tudorel 09.02
20 MATHE Maria MATHE Adrian 09.02
21 MARCU CODRIN PETRE Mircea 10.02
22 GROZEA Constantin COADA Gheorghe 09.02
23 MANDRUTA Constantin NICULESCU Valeriu 12.02
24 DIMA Claudiu Ionut ANGHEL Nicolae Colea 13.02
25 MUGIOIU Alexandru POPESCU Radu 13.02
26 IONESCU Sorin Septimiu SIRB Marius Titu 14.02
27 GEORGIEVA Draganka (BUL) GEORGIEV Stefan (BUL) 15.02
28 VALEANU Nadia VALEANU Vladimir 15.02
29 DUTU Adriana ANDREI Florin 15.02
30 GHELASE Florin DOBROIU Constantin 15.02
31 POTCOVARU Adrian POTCOVARU Laurentiu 15.02
32 NEVE Olivier (BEL) ENGEL Zvi (BEL) 17.02
33 GUJA Alexandra LESAN Dragos 18.02
34 CRISTEA Cristina DUTU Octavian 17.02
35 FULGA Cristian VARTANOVICI Nicolae 23.02
36 MICESCU Viorel TACIUC Lucian 25.02
37 VALIMARESCU Dan UTA Mihai 26.02
38 BACALU Iancu FEROIU Corneliu 27.02
39 GLIGA Radu SAVIN Daniel 05.03
40 FILIMON Adrian IANCU Stefan 06.03
41 TECUSANU Adrian CONSTANTIN Eugen 07.03
42 AVRIGEANU Florin LIPICI Dragos 07.03
43 STANCESCU Constantin DRAGHICESCU Serban 07.03
44 CAMPIAN Alex GHIRAN Daniel 07.03
45 ZAHARIA Aura ZAHARIA Alexandru 08.03
46 RADULESCU Marian DIMCICA Laurentiu 12.03
48 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
49 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
50 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
51 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
52 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
53 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
54 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
55 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
56 Booked Bulgarian pair deadline 31.03
58 Booked Foreign pair deadline 15.04
59 Booked Foreign pair deadline 15.04
60 Booked Foreign pair deadline 15.04
61 Booked Foreign pair deadline 15.04